Monday, December 8, 2008

Political Philosophy

Since this is a new blog, I will take this opportunity to express my political philosophy. I guess I most fit the mold of a Libertarian. However, I do understand that the Libertarian philosophy only works in a world where EVERYONE is a moral, ethical, responsible individual. So sue me for dreaming! What I appreciate most about Libertarian ideals is the respect and recognition of people as INDIVIDUALS. Theoretically, American society and politics in general is supposed to respect and recognize citizens as individuals, however, there is much about government and politics that fails to do so. Whether you are talking about Liberal Democrats that tout the importance of "ethnic diversity" or Conservative Republicans that wish to ban gay marriage, the major political parties generally want to push group ideals onto society in general. I am not naive, I do realize there has to be a line drawn, but seriously, does hiring someone of a different race, just because they are of a different race, really promote diversity? If so, that is racist - simple as that. And is banning gay marriage somehow going to prevent people from being homosexuals? (I feel differently about abortion becuase it involves the life of another human being that cannot defend him or herself . It is also for this reason I support WELL RUN government orphanages. What grown folks of at least adequate intellegence do, is another matter.)

If you're wondering, I did not vote for Obama, or McCain. That's right, I am one of the less than one-percent that voted my ideals - Libertarian. I didn't vote for Obama, becuase deep-down, I knew he was just lying through his teeth to get elected, and I have serious disagreements with much of his political strategy. I didn't vote for McCain becuase he had no political strategy at all.

I feel the goverment has two basic responsibilities: 1) protection of the lives and rights of individuals through the provision of law and order, and 2) defend the borders. Those two basic responsibilities alone create more than enough government for any nation, and if done properly would keep plenty of people busy. All of this other stuff (marriage ceremonies, hiring policies, public education, healthcare, transportation infrastructure, etc...) would ultimately best be left to the people to maintain. Sure, our economy won't be as large, and our communities would probably be much smaller on average, but I feel in the long run, things would be better. And far more sustainable.

In my political utopia, would we still have the internet? I say yes, becuase it was initially developed for the purposes of aiding national security, which falls under the category of defending the borders. That's my theory anyway. What do you think?

P.S. - I did not always feel this way. I was once a die-hard liberal - when I was a bit younger, and "far less experienced" (i.e., politically correct for "far more foolish"). Currently I am a registered Independent.

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