Monday, June 15, 2009

Fellow Believers in God - Stop Trying to Convert Atheists

One of the more frustrating things to me is to come across conversations between people who believe in God and those who don't.

Although we mean well, the believer can save himself much time and energy in better pursuits by excepting this one simple fact: No human being can ever prove the existence of God to another human being. We don't have the power or authority over God to make God prove Himself to anyone. Our experiences as believers is OURS, not someone else's. When we speak in tongues, or have dreams and visions, or experience answered prayers and miracles, those belong to us, not to them. They would have to trust our experiences, on a faith they do not have. And quite frankly, without the benefit of faith or a close, personal relationship, like that of a parent or spouse, outside of faith, they have no reason to trust us at all.

The other fact we need to consider is this, some people will not believe in God, no matter what. We have ample evidence of this in the Bible in the Old and New Testaments - remember the Israelites and the Golden Calf or the Jews rejection of Christ? So stop trying. Stop rationalizing. Just pray and ask God to reveal Himself to those we want to know Him. But it is totally up to God to reveal God to anyone (Matthew 11:27). And it is up to each of us to accept God or not.

So if anyone asks me if God exists, like both of my older sons have, I tell them to ask the only true source of the answer: God. I also pray that God will reveal Himself to that person.

Understand, that doesn't mean we shouldn't share the Gospel of Christ with people. But arguing with an athiest? Pointless.